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2021 MARS


This season started well with an Ice-Fly-in in the south of Sweden. We are up to full speed, and luckily so far, not affected by the ongoing pandemic. We have finished all the required flight testing with the fantastic BW635RG and will be offering test-flights shortly both in Sweden and in Germany.



BLACKWING Flieger Award 2021

We are proud to once again be nominated for the Flieger award.
Please vote for us on https://award.fliegermagazin.de/2021/ 

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A big thank you to all the readers who nominated us.



We are proud to announce that we received certification for the BW600 with the 912iS on the 19th of October 2020. We have three customer planes that will be delivered with the 912iS before the summer.

In January we finished the flight testing of the BW635 aircraft with the turbocharged, 141hp, 915iS engine. The DULV flight test report, already finished in September 2020, is really positive, and no changes, to the aircraft, were required compared to previous certifications. In the last couple of months, BLACKWING has performed flutter testing to increase the VNE. The aircraft was equipped with 8 accelerometers and we monitored the response, from an impulse, at different altitudes and speeds. In parallel, we also performed several ground vibration tests to make sure the aircraft was safe at all times. Our flutter expert trusted his measurement to the point where he participated himself in all the in-flight testing. We are grateful to have such great competence amongst our shareholders. The maximum tested speed was 235kts True Air Speed at 10 000 ft (435 km/h). The Type Certificate is expected very shortly.



Sales and inquiries

Our next available delivery for a BLACKWING aircraft is at the end of 2021. For pricelist and information please email us at info@blackwing.aero or call +46 72 70 72 600.

We are getting many requests from the US. We are currently looking into different potential partners that would either offer a builders support program or help us with LSA certification of the BLACKWING.

Partner in Germany is Heike Niefer, heike.niefer@blackwing.aero, +49 157 81 50 47 84

Dealer France is Yannick Morizot, y.morizot@occitanie-aviation.com, +33 (4) 68 322 558 
Dealer South Africa is Kai Neckel, Crosswind LSA, kai@crosswindlsa.com, 083 444 3361

Our main communication tool is facebook/blackwing.aero, with weekly updates.



BLACKWING development update

The standard for the 912iS and the 915iS Rotax engine is the Single Lever Power Control function. This enables automatic real-time inflight propeller pitch adjustment for the aircraft resulting in the same easy handling of a fixed-pitch propeller combined with the higher performance of a constant speed-propeller. The BLACKWING optimized performance is done in cooperation with MT propeller and RS flight systems.




We are proud to tell you that we are now FAI World speed record holders in the RAL2T category with 389.55 km/h (210 kts) over a straight course and 351.56 km/h on the 50 km closed circuit. Here is the great video link of the record attempt https://youtu.be/zTCIlAPivFg

Thank you again, highly respected shareholders, customers, business partners, and suppliers for giving BLACKWING the chance to be a leader in next-generation sport aircraft.

If you are interested in joining the team of proud owners of this evolutionary company, please contact our CEO; Niklas Anderberg, niklas@blackwing.aero.


2020 JUNE

New 600kg certification approved.

We are very proud to tell you that we received the 600kg approval in Germany. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the DULV team and all our partners that made it possible.

After a few weeks of unintentional close down of the final assembly (due to missing parts), we are now up to full speed. Our demo aircraft, with the fuel-injected Rotax 912iS, is scheduled to be ready for flights in the middle of July. The BW635RG, with the 915iS, needs to be flight tested some 20 hours more before we are allowed to take passengers but is planned to be ready at the end of July.

Going for the World Speed Record for microlights was a dream come true. When it is acknowledged, we are planning to release a video about the Record. Stay tuned on our Youtube Channel.

Take care of the ones we love, aircraft you can replace, family members you cannot.

BLACKWING deliveries

We are proud to inform you that two BLACKWING aircraft found their new homes in May. One flew to Konstanz in Germany, and the other one to Holland. Congratulations Manuel and Ard. Both deliveries were made from Sweden without any landings. The average speed to Holland was above 160kts with some 10kts tailwind. 


With both the new 525kg certification in France and the new 600kg certification in Germany, the BLACKWING aircraft can really come to its full potential. We will, of course, continue to add new engine options and propellers to the approved types.

We are currently waiting for the BLACKWING to be approved in Holland. We are not planning to certify the BLACKING in the LSA category in the US since it does not approve retractable gear.

Sales and inquiries

We have the possibility to offer a bank warranty (100% secured money by the bank) for an order of a standard BW600RG aircraft delivered in December 2020. BLACKWING also offers a leasing alternative, together with a partner for our German and Swedish customers. 

Our next available delivery for a BW635RG or the BW600RG with the 912iS is April 2021. For pricelist and information please email us on info@blackwing.aero or call +46 72 70 72 600.

We are getting many requests from the US. We are currently looking into different potential partners that would either offer a builders support program or help us with a normal category certification of the BLACKWING.

Partner in Germany is Heike Niefer, heike.niefer@blackwing.aero, +49 157 81 50 47 84.
Dealer France is Yannick Morizot, y.morizot@occitanie-aviation.com, +33 (4) 68 322 558 
Dealer South Africa is Kai Neckel, Crosswind LSA, kai@crosswindlsa.com, 083 444 3361

Our main communication tool is Facebook, with weekly updates.

BLACKWING 915iS BW635RG update
Performance numbers are astonishing. In the last newsletter we told you that we flew straight and level 212kts (almost 400 km/h) at 10 000ft, at full power and also 200kts+ at 5000 ft (370 km/h). Here are some more power settings at 6000ft.

55% result in163kts (302km/h) with fuel consumption of 19.9 l/h  https://youtu.be/zOyYYMQ3JfA
65% result in 175kts (324km/h) with fuel consumption 23.3 l/h https://youtu.be/YEQcB6eJkuk
75% result in 185 kts (343 km/h) with fuel consumption 26.7 l/h https://youtu.be/pk0WmFDpmoM
91% power at 5000ft resulted in 2000 ft/min climb https://youtu.be/N_yTFQPtnfk
Flyby https://youtu.be/19488G1x59w

The climb performance is off the chart. BLACKWING has the best climb speed at 80kts but this attitude for the aircraft is at an uncomfortable high angle of attack, why the test at full power was performed at 95 kts with better cooling (and still about 2000 ft/min climb).

We tested the backup battery for 1.5 hours (without generator). We also simulated getting air into the fuel-system without a problem. We have now purchased all possible monitoring equipment, to measure and log and analyze as much information as we can from the Rotax iS engines (look at our totally stacked panel below).

The weather is getting warmer and now the true testing of the cooling system starts. We have done some modifications and will most likely have to do some more to give you the best possible final product.

We keep adding safety features. The newest one is that you can not deploy flaps above the white arc. If you fly above the flap speed with the flaps out you will also get a warning on the Garmin G3X.



New World Speed Record

On April 15th, a personal dream of mine came true. We pushed the turbocharged BLACKWING aircraft to a new speed record in the microlight RAL2T category.

A few weeks earlier, we started high-speed taxi tests. We noticed immediately that this aircraft is something special. The turbo-charged engine in combination with a single power lever, for the hydraulic MT propeller, accelerated like nothing I have tried before. Already on the second test flight, we were reaching 195 kts at 3000ft. We were very excited and increased the envelope every day. At 5000 ft we were reading 200 kts on the airspeed indicator, at full power level flight. With fuel consumption of 10l/h we were reading 130 kts TAS. Can this really be true airspeed? On the next flights, we carried a logger and confirmed the Garmin speeds.

Due to the pandemic, unique possibilities opened up. We could fly at any altitude we would like, with the support from Sweden control. On Saturday, we practiced the world record course three times. It was challenging to fly over 200 knots (400 km/h), bank three g, and still keeping a precise altitude. We also started to fly at heights, FL90-110, and at speeds higher than we ever have flown before. It felt good to have a parachute. On Tuesday the weather conditions were perfect. We decided to fly at 10 000 ft. The criteria that the course could only be flown once made it even more intense. At the first turn, I climbed some 300 ft, and returning to altitude she accelerated to 219 kts (405 km/h). I felt extremely tense and had a hard time keeping the ball in the center. Overall I am happy that I managed to fly a pretty good course. On the straight course, we got 212 kts average speed. It was great to celebrate the success with my co-pilot Fredrik Lanz, and the rest of the BLACKWING team.

The flight testing will continue in spring and summer. After 50 hours of flight testing, we can start taking passengers.

The aircraft used for the record is a standard BW600RG with the Rotax 915iS engine. In order to optimize the drag, we only had one outside antenna and sealed some of the gaps.



2020 APRIL

Business as usual

We still believe that, 2020 will be the year when BLACKWING takes the step from a concept company to a major player in the light aircraft industry. After two years, more than 1000 flight hours and 10 delivered aircrafts, the product is ready for serial production. This spring, we are spending a lot of effort to optimize production, updating the pilot operating handbook, and fine-tuning the maintenance manual.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, our main customer and sale channel, AERO Friedrichshafen, was canceled. We are sorry for this but will try and perform some demo tours this summer, both in Germany, France, and in Scandinavia.

In the AEROKURIER INNOVATION AWARD 2020, in the category UL/LSA, the readers voted BLACKWING B600RG the 1st place with 34.8%. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the readers for voting for us. This really gives us a boost to keep going.

The most important thing is that we take care of the ones we love, aircraft you can replace, family members you cannot.

BLACKWING...first delivery to Sundsvall Sweden!!

We are proud to deliver our first aircraft to Sundsvall. Feffe, is the happy owner of SE-VVG. Our test pilot, Per, made the delivery flight of 430 Nautical miles, in just 2 hours and 54 minutes, with an average speed close to 150 knots.


We are proud to announce that we have finished the French certification for BW600RG and BW600FG. BLACKWING is one of the first aircraft to be approved for the new 525kg MTOW rules in France. Great job by our Dealer, Occitanie Aviation and our French customers.

We are still hoping that we can do the noise test in Germany, in order to finish the German 600kg certification in April.

We are currently building two aircraft with the Rotax 912iS. Our avionic expert has done a great job, where the instrument panels, and procedures, are identical for both the 912ULS and the 912iS engine. These two aircraft will be used to extend the certification for fuel injected engines in Sweden, Germany, and France.

In Sweden, BLACKWING and Swedish airworthiness authorities, TS, work together with DULV. TS also issues the national POA (production organization approval) for BLACKWING. We are very thankful for all the support and knowledge being transferred from TS to BLACKWING to assure the best possible quality control. We are working both with Part 21 subpart G and part-145 - Maintenance organization approvals. We are convinced, that developing a product in several steps with a higher certification on the way, is the only way to come to a final EASA approved product, without spending a tremendous amount of money on certification.

Sales and inquiries

Due to the tough circumstances in the world, we understand that people are hesitating to place an order. To keep the production running, we of course, will need orders. We, therefore, offer a special deal with a bank warranty (100% secured money by the bank) for a standard BW600RG aircraft delivered in October.

BLACKWING offers a leasing alternative, together with a partner for our German and Swedish customers. Our main communication tool is Facebook, with weekly updates.
Our next available delivery for a BW600RG is September 2020. For pricelist and information please email us on info@blackwing.aero or call +46 72 70 72 600.

Managing Partner in Germany is Heike Niefer, heike.niefer@blackwing.aero, +49 157 81 50 47 84.
Dealer in France is Yannick Morizot, y.morizot@occitanie-aviation.com, +33 (4) 68 322 558 

BLACKWING Production

We are in the process of duplicate all the tooling. The painters have not been fully occupied the last 6 months with aircraft and have prepared all the master molds. The wing tools, flap tools, and elevator tools are already duplicated. This is a great step that will reduce the production time. Many of the old toolings will be modified to be used as gluing fixtures.

We have some problems getting parts from Italy. This will delay our delivery schedule. One positive thing is that we just got a delivery of carbon fiber prepreg for two more aircraft that will keep us busy for a while.

BLACKWING Aircraft update
This Friday we received a Swedish permit to fly for the BLACKWING BW635RG with the 915iS. All the systems are working and we have done a couple of hops. The static thrust is really astonishing. It is a very sophisticated engine and it will take some time before we can offer this to customers. As you read this I hope we are in the air. This aircraft will need a new certification and we must fly at least 50 hours before we are allowed to take passengers. We believe it will take at least another year before certification is finished. We do not take any orders but you can make a reservation for 5000 Euro fully refundable.

We keep adding safety features. The newest one is a carbon monoxide sensor connected to the G3X that will monitor and warn you for more than 10 years.



by Niklas Anderberg / 19 April 2019

Being back again at BLACKWING headquarters we can only look back at our best year so far at AERO. The interest in BLACKWING and the premiere of the BW 935RG has been astounding throughout the fair and we're very happy to yet again being voted the winner of the Flieger award 2019.

So it goes to saying; THANK YOU to everyone who visited and supported our booth. And THANK YOU to everyone in team BLACKWING that continues to make us pushing boundaries in the safest possible way!



by Niklas Anderberg / 1 April 2019

Join us this year at AERO Friedrichschafen for the world premiere of the BW 635RG featuring the Rotax 915is and much more.



by Niklas Anderberg / 25 May 2017

Join us at the Landskrona Fly-in, Sweden on September 1-2 2018. We invite you to fly and discover the great experience in the BW 600RG or FG. You can fly-in to visit the event with your own aircraft/microlight, see https://landskronaflygklubb.se/fly-in-1-2-september-pa-esml for info. If you prefer to fly in commercially, there are very good connections with Copenhagen CPH and Malmö MMA airports. We will organize pick-up at the train station in Landskrona for your convenience. To have everything well organized and a great experience for you prepared, please send us a short mail on info@blackwing.aero so we can plan and confirm your demo flight, and reserve your hangar party participation for Saturday evening. At around four a clock on Saturday a BLACKWING presentation will be given by CEO NIklas Anderberg. On friday the 31 of August we will arrange a factory tour for current and future customers at 3 PM. Today we have 9 aircraft at different stages of completion. For your accommodation we recommend: http://www.orenasslott.com/ or http://www.dahlshotell.se/


German Distributor

by Niklas Anderberg / 25 May 2017

DynamicSpirit has been the distributor of BLACKWING aircraft's in Germany. Due to the tragic death of Dynamic’s owner Mr. Jan Harlfinger, DynamicSpirit and Blackwing Sweden AB have now mutually agreed to part ways in order for each of the companies to focus on its respective core business. Blackwing will, with its recently granted DULV type certificate, continue its sales on the German market. All future customers and flight enthusiasts are hereby referred to contacts directly with Blackwing via email: info@blackwing.aero


Investment Opportunity

by Niklas Anderberg / 25 May 2017

BLACKWING Sweden AB is a privately held Swedish company that designs, produces, and distributes the award-winning two-seat BLACKWING light sports aircraft. The company was founded in 2011 by Niklas & Yngve Anderberg and is based in Eslöv, just north of Malmö, Sweden.

Praised and awarded by the aviation industry, we have invested over seven years of R&D, prior to the first public appearance on April 2015, at the AERO Friedrichshafen tradeshow. The aircraft has been developed using the most advanced development techniques available, resulting in a far safer and greater product than existing alternatives. BLACKWING was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award ‘Best of the Best’ in 2016 and the German aviation community voted BLACKWING as the winner of the 2016 Flieger Award. BLACKWING has been featured on eight magazine covers and has been given superb reviews. The first two years of production have been sold out without any additional sales or marketing efforts, with down payments received for the first 10 aircraft and over 50 potential clients in Europe waiting for confirmation of delivery dates.

Market opportunity

Globally, 268.000 recreational aircraft are in use. Over 40.000 are registered as ‘microlight’, the certification class that is very accessible for both new and existing pilots, and the class initially targeted by BLACKWING. In Europe alone, there are 500 new registrations every year. 150 of these are in the premium segment, where BLACKWING targets the position of market leader. For more than 14 years, no significant innovation has been introduced in this market and many pilots are looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest. This explains part of the success of BLACKWING. We also believe that this market will more than double before the end of this year, with new weight regulations of 600 kg, that BLACKWING already is approved for.

For more information about the investment round, contact yngve@blackwing.aero +46 708-14 03 20


Certification finished!

by Niklas Anderberg / 25 May 2017

We have received kennblatt 960-181 and 960-182 for Germany. This approves both the BW 600FG and the BW 600RG (fixed/retractable gear) aircraft.


Certification flights BW 600RG

by Niklas Anderberg / 25 May 2017

Niklas Anderberg, proud founder of BlackWing Sweden and Micky Carlson, renowned Swedish display pilot for historic aircraft and ATPL, are exploring and opening the flight envelope of the BW600R. The BlackWing team has worked for many months towards this next milestone. Both Niklas and Micky are very thrilled with the flying characteristics which make BlackWing such a joy to fly. The maiden flight was followed with multiple flights shortly after. The retractable gear was tested in flight at different airspeeds. So far, the calculated flight numbers seem to be rather conservative, so please follow us on Facebook to see the latest performance data.



by Niklas Anderberg / 25 May 2017

The first public presentation of BlackWing with retractable gear. The all electric patented system with manual back-up and the seamless integration with our new Garmin G3X avionics package created great market response. We took the opportunity to update our interior including more luggage room. The candy red paint scheme with clearcoated TeXtreme created a lot of positive feedback. The BlackWing display was completed with a FG model in the silver color scheme with solid Jet Black underside.


AERO Friedrichshafen 2017

by Niklas Anderberg / 25 May 2017

For the 3rd year, the BlackWing team will be present in the beautiful South of Germany during the biggest aviation event in Europe. No better place to discover all novelties and most of all, to come and see the World Première of the BLACKWING 600RG.


Verena and Niklas receive Red Dot Award

by Niklas Anderberg / 25 May 2017

During the Red Dot Gala on 4 July, the laureates of the highest single distinction, the “Red Dot: Best of the Best”, have been honored in the Aalto-Theater in Essen, Germany. It is a tradition for Professor Dr. Peter Zec to host the impressive gala. About 1,200 international guests have been watching as Niklas Anderberg and Verena Knaust received the top individual award, the “Red Dot: Best of the Best”, on stage in the Aalto-Theater. Only 79 products won the top individual award this year, which goes to the best entries of a category. The award is one of the many milestones for the Swedish aircraft manufacturer that is changing the rules.


BLACKWING won the Flieger Magazin Award

by Niklas Anderberg / 25 May 2017

BlackWing Sweden won the Flieger Magazin Award in the ultralight category. On the second day of AERO Friedrichshafen, Flieger Magazin of Germany hosted a great ceremony event at the famous Zeppelin restaurant.

The award is an important recognition for BlackWing. Especially as it’s not the editors but the readers of Flieger Magazin that vote for the winner.

More info on: Click here


BLACKWING receives highest distinction in the Red Dot Award

by Niklas Anderberg / 25 May 2017

The Red Dot jury was enthused, and awarded BlackWing: Best of the Best. In 2016, this highest single distinction in the international competition goes to only 1.5% of all entries. Manufacturers and designers from 57 nations had registered about 5,200 products and sent them to the Ruhr area in Germany – BlackWing impressed with highest design quality and makes this Swedish company one of the leaders in an international comparison. As you can imagine, we are super proud with this achievement.

For more info click HERE

We work with awesome people

To design and produce a Next-gen aicraft requires collaboration with some great people. They bring experience, knowledge and high quality products to the BLACKWING family.

  • Tobias Theland
    Business developer

    -"I decided to buy an airplane two years ago I've flown pretty much every ultralight there is. But it wasn't until I tried the BLACKWING I felt that this is an airplane that fits me. The quality and the characteristics where just right.
    Two months later I'm an airplane owner."

Contact us at info@blackwing.aero or give us a call +46 (72) 707 26 00

All though we're busy building airplanes we're never to busy answering your questions. So please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help you get to know the BLACKWING family.